Friday, 14 December 2012

Dark and White MMM Edale Preparation

Didn't want to go overboard preparing for this but I know I'd kick myself if I messed up for want of a bit of simple fore thought. So I've had a few evenings of night nav practice trying to find premarked points then seeing if I hit them. I have to say I got many spectacularly wrong, even running to the wrong checkpoint ( even though I'd marked them) and then trying to convince myself that I was right. I got back into pacing, running the needle which is pretty difficult in the dark! Madge seemed to enjoy it all, although she was a bit puzzled by the erratic routes. I was all good fun and the more I got wrong, the more I learnt.
I think given the time that the checkpoints might go right around the back the Kinder Plateau. I can't see us going south but I'm prepared to be surprised.

Physically I should be okay for Edale. I think given 4 hours I'll hope to get round 17 or 18 miles with 5000" of climb, maybe more.

The main thing on Sunday is to enjoy it and see how it goes!

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