Sunday, 24 June 2012

Great Lakes Run

A very wet day, post race warnings and a tough course. It doesn't sound encouraging but I can't remember enjoying a race more. I say 'race' but I never really pushed on in a competitive way. It became more of a challenge and one that saw me focus hard on the route, on helping others round and crossing the swollen becks. This was my first AL for a while and my first in the Lakes so I was happy to be conservative in pacing and feel my way along. I was very happy with the navigation, running with a map and thumb compass in hand from the top of Bow Fell to Pike o Blisco. I was quite happy to keep a set map without taking bearings. Physically I felt pretty good but gradually faded as I climbed out of the great moss. Came in 99th, not thrilled with the position but happy with the performance in a broader sense.

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