Saturday, 2 June 2012

Borrowdale Recce

Set off from Rosthwaite already feeling tired; not a great sign. I figured I'd start to feel a bit better as the day progressed. Trogded pretty slowly up Bessy Boot searching for the best line but not quite getting it. I don't think I've ever set foot on this ridge but I've taken groups down Langstrath and over towards Easedale many times. Seemed to get the lines pretty much okay all the way up to Allen Crags although I was still going very slowly. The weather was absolutely spot on; sunny but reasonably fresh. Once passed Esk Hause there was a lot more people about and the silly runners pride kicked in as I started to push on. Was I feeling better or kidding myself? Plenty of rock hopping to Scarfell Pike and unbelievably the first time I've been down the corridor route since 1984! Walked up Great Gable with no great gusto and started to think I'd run far too hard on Tuesday night! Legs were very weary. Had a long chat with some walkers at the top and Madge was made a fuss of by all, she'd been drinking in streams and bathing in every little tarn but she was looking a bit hot now. It was great to talk to pele and made my performance so far set nicely in context when I explain the route I was doing. The walkers said I looked fresh, I assured them I was not. The route to Honister is one I've done quite a few times and it is pretty quick but by now I was knackered, even getting in under 4:30 was looking doubtful, to be honest I wasn't bothered about the time.... Well. As I started up Dale Head I could see a guy walking up about 200 yards ahead. He was still 200 yards ahead at the top, any running I did was offset by the stretching and leg rubbing I did! The last descent was hard work and I came in just over 5 hours.

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