Sunday, 15 July 2012

Comptons Cross 30 June 9 miles 500"

The last time I did this race I seriously bonked, within minutes of setting off! I'd had a tooth out in quite a traumatic fashion and mustn't have been eating properly. I was determined to be relaxed with this one and just get in a good tough run to help my Wasdale preparation but not over reach. With a very small field of 34 I found myself in second after the main climb and the winner looking very determined and disappearing. I had no desire to try and chase him down and really was trying to relax. The guy behind me had a different approach and about 3 miles in he edged past me and tried to pull away. I had a fair bit in reserve so I just stuck to him. He surged again pulling away a bit but I reeled him in. This continued until he tried slowing! I had no intensional of going past him though at this stage and was really quite enjoying myself. I do sympathise with him I could see he was getting pretty hacked off with me but I was not after too tough a day out. This is not to say I didn't want to beat him, in fact I was pretty confident I could. It was becoming reminiscent of the last few miles of a bike race and I was the selfish git who wouldn't do any work. Eventually with around 3 miles to go he went wrong, I wondered whether on purpose? I told him the right direction and took off. I figured I could put the hammer down a bit now. Came in second about a minute in front of a quite unhappy third. He wanted to know why I didn't share the work and why I took off? I probably said the wrong thing by explaining I wanted an easy run! Anyway we had a good chat about the Great Lakes Run and made up. A good speedy Pennine fell race,with not too much climb and a friendly atmosphere?

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