Sunday, 5 August 2012

Rydal Round

Still not seen the results for this but did come in third V40. Ran it about 8 minutes slower than the last time I did it 2 years ago, taking 5 minutes more to climb to the top.
It's a great race with all the atmosphere that a gala race has and a cracking route. I wasn't concerned with running too hard as I know I'm just off the pace a bit with patchy last few months of training and more than half an eye on Borrowdale. Most of the climb was in the flag and I found it probably more difficult than I should. From the top I turned with a runner just behind me and although I've been up there more than a few times I had my map and compass out to make absolutely sure I went right. I must admit I got a bit tetchy when the guy behind started quizzing me about the line. He didn't have his map out! I decided not to go over Hart Crag as I remembered following two Ambleside runners on a decent line contouring around it. Maybe the fell gods wanted revenge for my tetchiness but it didn't go well, it got very scambley and I almost got crag bound! I don't think my shadow followed me so maybe he had the last laugh. I emerged back on the path way behind a runner I'd past half an hour ago.
I decided I was trying to be too clever I maybe I should just enjoy the race. Needless to say my new found easy doing attitude back fired. I followed a couple of guys down the wrong line after wrong line. Now up until this point I'd not been really pushing the pace but as I emerged from behind the wrong side of Low Pike and x club mate who I'd left behind at the start of the main climb appears in front of me! We get on but there's history and banter; I was not happy to be behind him. So pushed on  very very hard now. Although not really part of any plan I enjoyed a final section of the race that saw my heart rate climb to an impressive 195!
The £10 prize was spent on a sausage sandwich for me and some fudge for the wife. A great afternoon was spent debriefing mates and watching bike races and wrestling.

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