Sunday, 28 October 2012

Edale Skyline Reccie

Link to run data

This is the sort of run that would have destroyed me a year or two since. Essentially I don't think I used do long training runs hard enough. Last year I was concentrating on track sessions and not enough on sustained running. The gap in between much of my training and my races was enormous, I seemed to get away with that for many short or medium races but struggled very badly on longer stuff.
Yesterday I found I was still strong towards the end of this 20 miler.

It was a beautiful day but pretty cold; this led to much stopping and starting as jacket came on as an icy blast caught us then stripping off when sheltered but bathed in sun. The area is lovely but not quite the mountainous beauty of the Lakes and the like. Navigation was pretty straight forward on the large scale but getting the right trod was tricky. I may very well go down to Hayfield and take another look at the western section.

No pictures I'm afraid as we were on a pretty tight schedule: I had a party to go to and Dave had an appointment at the velodrome. I didn't go to the party, Tracy had been working all day and just wanted to put het feet up, I didn't argue!

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