Thursday, 15 November 2012

D&W Mini Mountain Marathon Coniston 11.11.12

I liked the look of this a while ago and entered with a real sense of anticipation. It didn't disappoint. I've not done any orienteering for over twenty years and even then it was just divisional sport in the Navy but I am a Mountain Leader and have taught navigation over the years so I was hoping it would all stick together.

I'll get some pictures on if i can find some and flesh it out properly when I've a minute. However, the bottom line is that I ended up being gutted that I didn't win! Not try often that I can say that. I topped the leader board for some time and didn't find out I'd been pipped until the day after. So second overall and first vet.

I made a few howlers with my navigation and think there's still a lot more in the tank so I have something to work with.

Next one is down in the Peaks in the middle of December. I took a very casual approach up at Coniston, should I do the same with the next one or try and get it spot on? I think I'll enjoy trying my best!

I'm hoping that I can progress enough to do well in the Mountain Trials Classic next but I know there's a step up in terms of the athletic performance.

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